January 7, 2012

Well, the Holidays flew by, as usual. Now, we are into January and time to begin thinking of Valentine’s Day, Spring designs and begin preparation for Spring shows and Festivals. Here’s an HD (1080) Video preview of some of my newest creations for 2012. My DH (darling husband..yes Corina..I got that one from you!) is kind enough to manage my photography and marketing.

Be sure to check the Etsy store for new creations posted weekly. Check this website for newest HD videos! You can click the SUBSCRIBE button (top right) to be notified when new videos are posted!

Happy Holidays from RoxeMarie

Here it is, Christmas Eve. This year has flown by, as they all seem to do now.
What a great year this has been. Healthy family, marriage, dream vacation to Italy, new friends, old friends, and still so much to look forward to.

I want to thank each of you for your support of RoxeMarie by Donna on Etsy. We’ve had a great first year, and I am learning new techniques for my art, and also how to run a cottage industry. It’s a dream come true for me. Big or small. This is what I love to do.

If I’ve learned anything this year, I’ve learned that Life is short. Do what you love. And love those around you. Every person needs a kind word and a smile. Even when it’s not the Holiday Season.

Cheers to the upcoming new year.
I wish each of you Health, Happiness and Peace for the New Year.

Warmest Regards,

Happy Holidays

Wow..it’s been quite a while since I’ve written.
My trip to Murano, Italy was absolutely fabulous! It was truly the trip of a lifetime for me. I studied glass bead making with Corina Tettinger and sculpting with the talented Cristina Sfriso. I learned so many things to practice, practice, practice. I also made new friends from countries all over the world. Denmark, Ireland, Russia, to name a few.. and some new American friends! We visited Venice for several days, shopped, walked till we dropped and spent many, many hours behind the torch having the time of our lives.
Now, I’m back in the USA, and back at my “home” torch, creating new items for my Etsy shop. I am having a 15% off sale until Christmas.
Stop by, shop and save with Coupon Code ROXE15 at checkout. I’m posting new items several times a week, and especially LOVE custom orders. If you would like a custom item, simply e-mail me at info@roxemarie.com or convo on Etsy. It’s easy!

See a sample of my listings below. Click on any item for more info and to browse my Etsy shop.

Buy handmade this year from local and independent artists. It matters.

Happy Holidays to all!

40%off Artisan Beads and Jewelry

  RoxeMarie is going on her exciting trip  to study glass art techniques in Italy. During this time, the store will be OPEN, with 40% off everything through 11/16.  Shop now for great beads, bead sets and jewelry gifts.  Save on beautiful handcrafted, one of a kind gifts.   Use Coupon Code ROXE40 at checkout.

Look for more beautiful handcrafted artisan beads and jewelry when RoxeMarie returns. Just in time for the holiday gift giving. (All orders placed after 10/31 will be shipped after 11/16.  40% off does not apply to custom orders. )


Fall is Here!

Hooray! We finally have cooler weather in Texas.  It has been a long, hot summer, and I welcome Fall with open arms. 

See my new listings in my Etsy Store.  



September 11, 2011

Ten years has passed since the nightmarish attack on America.  I remember that day.

I was in Madison, WI at a software vendor’s User Group conference. The initial presentations had just begun to an auditorium of about 1000 people. The MC of the program abruptly interrupted the keynote presentation, focusing everyone’s attention to the stage screen. Displayed before us was the burning Twin Tower.  The news anchor announced the attack on Tower 1.  One thousand Americans sat together in that auditorium and watched the events unfold, and the Towers fall. I remember feeling extremely angry, not frightened at all.  Just angry. I leaned over to my co-worker and muttered, “Our lives have just changed forever”.   That room of 1000 Americans watched in shock as the Towers fell. I distinctly remember there was no sound in the room as we all watched in horror. No gasping or crying. Nothing. Silence.

When the reality sank in, the uproar began.

I really don’t want to rehash everything that has happened in our nation since then. We all know. We’ve lived it. Some good things, some not so good.  Through all of this, I have never felt afraid, even with the news warnings of Orange and Red alerts (and varying colors) at the airports. To honor those that lost their lives that day and the families impacted, I believe Americans should live and grow, even through the hardships and be proud to live in the Greatest Nation in the World.  I know, I am.

Warm Regards to all,





RoxeMarie Loves Etsy

'Ariel'  - Handmade Lampwork BeadSince I have opened my Etsy store, I have met so many amazing, creative and NICE people. Etsy is full of  talented, and generous entrepeneurs.  Many Etsy artists make their income from their Etsy stores.  Artists have to create to sell and of course, have to make a living. Etsy is the “home of handmade” and not mass produced, low quality products. Nor, is it your grandmother’s arts and crafts room. You will find one of a kind, high quality, handmade treasures in Etsy that reflect each artists love for their craft, their chosen mediums and the creative process itself.  It is a treasure trove of “labors of love”.  For those of you who appreciate unique creations, and the ‘work’ of the art itself, Etsy is the place for you.

As an Etsy seller, I have many opportunities to participate in teams, blogs, Buy -n- Swap programs, meet new people and find incredible treasures and inspiration from artists around the world.  Etsy gives artists like me a venue to sell my handmade creations with the support of a great company and community.

I’m in Etsy for the long haul. I’m sure things will change with time (what doesn’t?), and Etsy is adding new features to help sellers promote and assist buyers in finding the perfect creation.  Becoming an Etsy Seller has opened a whole new world of learning and relationship building for me. It’s great fun and hard work. And that’s what makes Life good!

I’m proud to be part of the Etsy community.  Stop by my store at www.roxemarie.etsy.com

Take a few minutes to browse some of the beautiful shops. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Shop Handmade.  It makes a difference.

Warmest Wishes to All,

Donna    ‘RoxeMarie’