New Beads and Jewelry for August

Despite the brutal heat here in Texas, I have been able to find time in the early hours of the morning to create new beads at my torch. I’ve been using the “hottest” part of the day to assemble new jewelry pieces. Here’s one of my featured pieces. You can see more in my Etsy store at

Enjoy what is left of the summer.  Fall will be here soon, and I’m already preparing listings for the Holidays! Wow, time flies.


Coral Drops Necklace $95








I have made a change from maintaining my Etsy store AND and the Roxemarie webpage. Now, will take you directly to my blog page, and you can link to my Etsy store directly from there. It’s a SNAP!
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Check it out, click the link and see my new beads and jewelry creations for FALL~

Yes, there will be a Fall in Texas. Sometime soon. I hope.
More pics coming this weekend. Stay tuned!

This Weekend’s Photo Blog – July 17, 2011

OK….I’m done with this HEAT in DFW!!! When is Fall coming????
Hope you enjoy my picture blog of this week’s creations. Despite the heat, I manage to find torch time early, in the morning.. I mean REALLY early!!!!
See my work in my Etsy store and/or website. and

Organic Blues Necklace

Watercooler Focal Bead

I Walk In The Garden

HOT SUMMER Cool Creations

I’ve been busy creating new beads and jewelry in these hot summer days. It’s time to start planning and creating great things for the upcoming holiday season! It seems so far away when it’s so hot outside. But, it will be here soon and Roxemarie will be ready with beautiful gift ideas.

These photos are a few of the items I have created and posted in my Etsy store. Stop by to see the full collection! or main website

Royal Purple Bead Set

104 degrees

Texas Tea Bracelet

Happy Fourth of July

Judy's Pendant

Well, here it is, the Fourth of July. We are doing nothing much, but trying to stay cool! It’s 103 degrees outside, and inside the fans are whirring, and AC cranking away, and electricity bill addding up.

I have spent the majority of my holiday weekend behind the torch, and when it gets too hot, making jewelry. I have accumulated quite a bit of jewelry I wear and give as gifts. Some, I photograph and post on my website or in my Etsy store.
I really enjoy having finished pieces around to give as gifts.

Last week, I said goodbye to a new friend, Judy. She is a contractor and was on assignment in my workplace. We became fast friends, and worked so well together. Now, she has moved on to her next assignment. I learned a lot from Judy, but maybe most importantly, I gained a friend.
When Judy left, I really wanted to give her something special. I had a necklace/pendant I created for the Grapevine BeadMaker Society postcard. It is beautiful swirls of black, ivory and silvered glass, with sterling silver findings hung on this gorgeous black knitted wire. It’s really stunning ( if I do say so myself). This became the perfect gift for Judy. She always wore black and silver and shiny jewelry. So, I wrapped it up in my RoxeMarie paper, and signature pink organza bag. Voila, Judy’s gift.

In my life, I have the pleasure of meeting so many diverse, interesting and talented people. Judy is one of those and I am thankful for my new friend. Happy Trails, Judy!
And..Happy Fourth of July, y’all!


Happy Friday y’all!
Having this addiction to creating lampwork beads has created piles and piles of beads in my home! ( of course). Some, I really like and am proud of my efforts, others, not so much. But, every bead is a new adventure, and like Forrest Gump says ” you never know what you’re gonna get”. I start out with my color selections, cleanly dipped mandrels, fire and a whole lot of Hope in Trying.
Today, after work, I spent several hours removing annealed beads from their mandrel homes and cleaning them. One by one. Piles of them. I don’t have an electric tool for cleaning beads, so do each one by hand. I sit on my back porch, listen to the birds, feel the breeze and enjoy cleaning the clay from inside the tiny bead holes. Sometimes the little things are enough!
So, now I have yet another pile of glass beads. I have photographed some and posted them in my Etsy store. One I am particularly proud of is my 20/20 focal. This was encasing bliss for me. The clear class just flowed perfectly and I could finally “see” how to truly encase a design. ( after MANY, MANY attempts!).
Introducing my 20/20 bead. Ta Da!!!
This weekend will bring more bead making, some chainmaille, Kumihimo braiding and of course…..bead cleaning.
Happy Weekend, everyone!

Boredom, Art and Happy Accidents

My entire life I’ve been “crafty”. Always making things. I started with stamped cross stitch when I was about 12 years old. Over the years, sewing, beading, crochet, knit, macrame, mosaic, and the list goes on. I’ve finally landed on my true medium…glass lampworking. I remember my Grandmother watching me completing a cross stitch sampler, and saying ” you”ll never be bored”. You know, she was right! I’m never bored and always have more ideas in my head than I have time to actually create. When I hear others make the statement ” I’m bored”, I honestly don’t understand how that can be possible.

Over the years, I’ve asked myself “what is art, and what makes a real artist?” I always thought I needed a formal education or degree in Art or Art History to be able to answer that question. But, I’ve come to understand, that art is life and life is art. ( deep, huh?). I don’t know why it took me so long to figure that out. I thought there had to be a process, a formula, a “right” way to create things. And I had to seek out that “right” way. The wonderful thing about creating “art”, is there are no right or wrong answers. How liberating is that?

So, I create what I like. I constantly search for colors, patterns, line, form, design. I choose glass colors that fit my mood for the day, fire up the torch and allow the glass to take me away. With the best planned intentions, I almost always come out with something totally different and more beautiful than my original idea. I call those Happy Accidents. Working with molten glass is intoxicating, liberating and allows the freedom of Happy Accidents.
My Summer Roses bead is one of those Happy Accidents.


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NEW pieces

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