RoxeMarie Loves Etsy

'Ariel'  - Handmade Lampwork BeadSince I have opened my Etsy store, I have met so many amazing, creative and NICE people. Etsy is full of  talented, and generous entrepeneurs.  Many Etsy artists make their income from their Etsy stores.  Artists have to create to sell and of course, have to make a living. Etsy is the “home of handmade” and not mass produced, low quality products. Nor, is it your grandmother’s arts and crafts room. You will find one of a kind, high quality, handmade treasures in Etsy that reflect each artists love for their craft, their chosen mediums and the creative process itself.  It is a treasure trove of “labors of love”.  For those of you who appreciate unique creations, and the ‘work’ of the art itself, Etsy is the place for you.

As an Etsy seller, I have many opportunities to participate in teams, blogs, Buy -n- Swap programs, meet new people and find incredible treasures and inspiration from artists around the world.  Etsy gives artists like me a venue to sell my handmade creations with the support of a great company and community.

I’m in Etsy for the long haul. I’m sure things will change with time (what doesn’t?), and Etsy is adding new features to help sellers promote and assist buyers in finding the perfect creation.  Becoming an Etsy Seller has opened a whole new world of learning and relationship building for me. It’s great fun and hard work. And that’s what makes Life good!

I’m proud to be part of the Etsy community.  Stop by my store at

Take a few minutes to browse some of the beautiful shops. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Shop Handmade.  It makes a difference.

Warmest Wishes to All,

Donna    ‘RoxeMarie’



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